How to Care for your Isabella's Fate Apparel
Taking proper care of your formal apparel is very important to its life expectancy. Your apparel can keep a perfect look from purchase to preservation (for heirloom apparel).
Care Tags
The manufacturer's care tags, attached to the apparel, will explain their recommended cleaning instructions. Many of these instructions will be in picture format and you can refer to the image identification section below. Your care tag may recommend dry clean, hand wash or machine wash. Isabella's Fate suggests taking a more careful approach. We do not suggest machine washing any fabric that is not 100% cotton (and only when instructed on the label); we suggest that customers instead hand wash machine washable fabrics. Washing machines can be rough on delicate formal wear fabric, in fact, it can fade, damage and even destroy apparel if not done properly; so we ask that you hand wash machine washable clothing.
Dry Clean
Choose an experienced dry cleaner to care for your formal wear. Find a dry cleaner who uses a pure solvent (referred to as a "virgin" solvent), this means that the solvent has not been recycled or reused as some dry cleaners employ to save costs. Impurities that are not filtered out of used solvent can be redeposited on your apparel.
Hand Washable
Isabella's Fate suggests hand washing all of your "machine washable" apparel. This is better for the fabric and overall life of your clothing. Basic hand washing method should be: gentle hand agitation in cold water with mild soap (woolite is a good choice). Rinse your apparel three times to ensure all soap is removed; soap residue can cause apparel to pick up more dirt during the next wear. Never machine wash hand washable or dry clean only fabrics.
Machine Washable
Isabella's Fate does NOT recommend machine washing any of your formal apparel. Washing machines are rough on fabric and can damage, fade or even destroy delicate formal wear. Please hand wash your apparel; even in cases of care tag's "Machine Wash" instructions. Machine washing 100% is fine (if the care tag suggests this); in this case machine wash cold on the gentle cycle with a mild soap (woolite is a good choice). Never machine wash a hand wash only product.
Hot, Warm & Cold Water
Cold water washes are safer of fabric and helps the fabric keep its original color longer. Warm and hot water can fade fabric.
Isabella's Fate recommends hanging or laying flat to dry your apparel in leiu of using an machine dryer. Machine dryers can manipulate and mis-shape fabric, cause fading and/or cause shrinking. Cotton (when recommended on care tage) can be machine dried; this will actually combat wrinkles as cotton fabric is very prone to easy wrinkles. When using a machine dryer select the lowest temperature and gentlist method available. Refer to your care tags for hang dry, flat dry or twist dry instructions. Crushed cotton fabric is best dried by hanging fabric is a twist. Never machine dry fabric when it is not recommended.
Icons for cleaning instructions: